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Yan LiuYan Liu

Electrical Engineering
Postdoctoral Scholar
MC 136-93
Moore Lab 244
Lab Phone (626) 395-2231
Postdoc Office Moore 229
Office Phone (626) 395-3077


Ph.D., Washington University, USA, 2016
B.Eng., Tsinghua University, China, 2010

Research Interests

I am interested in developing tools for biologists and doctors. One specific area of interest is in the development of techniques that break the “optical diffusion limit” due to light scattering, for achieving light focusing and optical imaging deep inside biological tissue. During my PhD training in Prof. Lihong V. Wang’s group, we developed/improved optical phase conjugation based wavefront shaping techniques, including time-reversed ultrasonically encoded (TRUE) optical focusing and time-reversed adapted perturbation (TRAP) optical focusing. These techniques are used to focus light deep inside biological tissue, for noninvasive high-resolution optical imaging, manipulation, and therapy. I have also done research in photoacoustic imaging, ultrasound-modulated optical tomography/acousto-optic imaging, and fluorescence imaging.


Please see my personal webpage.