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Changsoon Choi Changsoon Choi

Graduate Research Assistant in Electrical Engineering
Office Moore B136
MC 136-93


MS, Physics, Korea University, 2018
BS, Physics, Korea University, 2015

Research Interests

In several of my previous projects, I researched how to correct for aberrations in an optical system in order to acquire images of diffraction-limited resolution. Currently, I am working on optical coherence tomography.
My primary goal is to develop optical methods that enable us to access structural and functional details of biological tissues. In particular, I am aiming to create technologies that are useful in a practical sense for laboratory or clinical settings, not just as a proof-of-concept.


1. Choi, C., et al. "Optical imaging featuring both long working distance and high spatial resolution by correcting the aberration of a large aperture lens," Scientific Reports 8, (2018)