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Snow TsengDr. Snow H. Tseng
Assistant Professor of the Graduate Institute of Photonics and Optoelectronics and the Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University


PhD Electrical Engineering, Northwestern University 2005
MS Physics, University of Chicago 1997
BS Physics, National Taiwan University 1994

Research Interests

My research interest is on macroscopic biomedical light scattering problems in general. By numerically solving Maxwell's equations, the simulations are essentially idealized optical experiments in a noiseless environment. The numerical simulations are achieved by parallel computing simulations using the pseudospectral time-domain (PSTD) technique.

My current research projects include:
Optical Phase conjugation (OPC): This is a project I have been mostly working on with Yang, Meng, and Emily. By means of the virtual optical simulations, our goal is to explore electromagnetic properties that are difficult to analyze experimentally.

Cornea transparency: Why is the cornea transparent while the sclera is opaque? Can we analyze this problem based upon fundamental electromagnetism? This is a mystery that we are hoping to understand...


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