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Ying Min Wang

Ying Min Wang



PhD Bioengineering, California Institute of Technology, 2013

B.S.E., Biomedical Engineering, Duke University, May 2006


1. *Judkewitz B, *Wang YM, Horstmeyer R, Mathy A and Yang C. Speckle-scale focusing in the diffusive regime with time-reversal of variance-encoded light (TROVE), Nature Photonics 2013, in press.

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5. Wang YM, Zheng G, and Yang C,Characterization of acceptance angles of small circular apertures, Optics Express 17 (26), 23903-23913 (2009).

6. Oldham M, Sakhalkar H, Oliver T, Wang YM, Kirpatrick J, Cao Y, Badea C, Johnson GA, Dewhirst M. Three-dimensional imaging of xenograft tumors using optical computed and emission tomography, Medical Physics 33 (9):3193-202 (2006).

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* Denotes equal contribution

Conference Proceedings

Oldham, M, Wang YM, Vujaskovic, Z, Dewhirst, M, Optical-Computed-and Emmission Tomography: a new imaging modality for cancer research, Third International Conference on Translational Research