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Biophotonics Lab


The research of the Biophotonics Laboratory, led by Professor Changhuei Yang, is focused on the development of novel tools that combine optics and microfluidics to tackle diagnostic and measurement problems in biology and medicine. The major techniques that are under development in the laboratory include Fourier Ptychographic microscopy, time-reversal optical focusing and parallel microscopy.

The Fourier Ptychographic microscope represents a new way of tackling high-throughput digital pathology by transforming a physical optical problem to a computational problem. Through this reduction, we can push the performance of standard microscopes beyond their physical limitations. The Fourier Ptychographic method also enables the implementation of compact parallel microscopy solutions with the use of compact and cheap optical arrays. Our time-reversal optical focusing research aims to tackle the extreme turbidity of biological tissues through the use of optical time-reversal methods. This work can potentially enable incisionless laser surgery, high-resolution and deep-penetrating biochemical tissue imaging, optogenetic activation and more.

For more detailed information, please visit our research page.