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Biophotonics Lab Group Members

Group picture (Oct-2023)



Changhuei Yang
Thomas G. Myers Professor of Electrical Engineering
Bioengineering and Medical Engineering
Office Moore 262
Phone: (626) 395-8922

Changhuei Yang

Visiting Associate

Panlang (Paul) Lyu
Office: Moore 229


Postdoctoral Scholars

Simon Mahler
Lab Moore 240
Office: Moore 229

Head shot of Simon Mahler

Oumeng Zhang
Lab Moore 238
Office: Moore 229


Graduate Students

Mingshu Liang
Lab Moore 258


Haowen Zhou
Lab Moore 254

Haowen Zhou

Max (Yu Xi) Huang
Lab Moore 234

Max Huang Oct 2021

Steven (Siyu) Lin
Lab Moore 238


Siyuan Yin
Lab Moore 258


Zhenyu Dong
Lab Moore 238 

Zhenyu Dong_max_600_800_picture.jpg

Shi (Josh) Zhao
Lab Moore 238 


Undergraduate Students

Maya Dickson

Image of Maya Dickson

Group Administrator

Anne Sullivan
MC 136-93
Office 161 Moore
Office Phone: (626) 395-4506


Past Group Members

Michelle Cua

Dr. Michelle Cua,
PhD Caltech 2021, KLA Corporation


Victoria Fay,
Visiting Grad Student 2022-23, PhD student in the Laboratory of Applied Photonics Devices at École Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

Paulina Naydenkov,
Caltech Undergraduate Researcher 2023

David D.P. Koch,
Visiting Grad Student 2021-22, Grad student at École Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

Dr. Chi Shing (Antony) Chan,
Postdoc 2017-19, Consulting in Greater San Diego area

Yujia Huang,
Grad Student 2017-19 in Anima AI + Science Lab

Changsoon Choi,
Grad Student 2018-19 in Nanofabrication Lab

Dr. Xiaoyu Lyu,
Visiting Associate 2018, Professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Hangwen (Helen) Lu,
Grad Student 2015-17, Software Engineer at Google

Dr. Yidong Tan,
Visiting Associate 2015, Associate Professor at Tsinghua University

Dr. Mooseok Jang,
Caltech PhD 2016, Assistant Professor at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Donghun Ryu,
Visiting Grad Student 2013 from the Computational Design and Fabrication Group at MIT

Dr. Jiangtao Huangfu,
Visiting Associate 2013-15, Associate Professor at Zhejiang University

Dr. Seung Ah Lee,
Caltech PhD 2014, Assistant Professor at Yonsei University

Dr. Jian Ren,
Caltech PhD 2013, Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School

Dr. Marinko V. Sarunic,
Visiting Associate, Professor at Simon Fraser University

Dr. Jigang Wu,
Caltech PhD 2008, Professor at Guangdong University of Technology

Dr. Xiquan Cui,
Caltech PhD 2009, Senior Manager of Data Science, Research Committee Chair at The Home Depot

Dr. Ivo Vellekoop,
Visiting Postdoc 2010, Professor at the University of Twente

Dr. Prasanna Pavani,
Postdoc 2009-10, CEO of Dishcare

Dr. Xin Heng,
Caltech PhD 2007, Head of Data at Caffeine

Fergus Place,
Undergraduate Researcher from Cal State LA 2023


Dr Ruizhi Cao,
Caltech PhD 2023, Postdoc at University of California, Berkeley

Baptiste Blochet

Dr. Baptiste Blochet,
Caltech Postdoc 2019-20, Postdoc at Université de Paris

Frederic de Goumoens,
Visiting Grad Student 2020, Sensing and Actuation Technologies Engineer at Logitech

Chao Qian,
Visiting Grad Student 2019-20, Assistant Professor at Zhejiang University - University of Illinois Urbana - Champaign Institute

Dr. Joshua H. Brake,
Caltech PhD 2019, Assistant Professor of Engineering at Harvey Mudd College

Daniel A. Martin,
Grad Student 2015-19, Operations Engineer at Axonics Modulation Technologies, Inc.

Dr. Haowen Ruan,
Postdoc 2013-18, Optical Scientist at Meta, Inc.

Dr. Jinho Kim,
Caltech PhD 2017, Principal Engineer at Samsung Electronics

Liheng Bian,
Visiting Graduate Student 2015-16, Professor at Beijing University of Technology

Dr. Xiaoze Ou,
Caltech PhD 2016, Engineering Lead at ByteDance

Dr. Daifa Wang,
Visiting Associate 2014, Associate Professor at Beijing University

Dr. Chao Han,
Caltech PhD 2015, Camera System Engineering Manager

Dr. Jaehee Jung,
Visiting Associate 2013-14, Professor at Sejong University

Dr. Ying Min Wang,
Caltech PhD 2013, Business Development Director at ClavystBio

Zheng Li,
Caltech M.S. 2015, Software Engineer at Apple, Inc.

Samuel Yang,
Stanford PhD 2016, Research Scientist at Google, Inc.

Dr. Meng Cui,
Postdoc 2008-10, Associate Professor at Purdue University

Dr. Michael Salvador,
Postdoc 2009-10, Co-Founder and CEO of Mirai Solar

Dr. Snow H. Tseng,
Visiting Associate 2009, Professor at National Taiwan University

Edward Hsiao,
Undergraduate Researcher 2007, Senior Engineering Manager at Waymo


Dr. Cheng Shen,
Caltech PhD 2023, Computer Vision Algorithm Engineer at Apple

Jian Xu

Dr. Jian Xu,
Caltech PhD 2020, Optical Scientist at Meta

Ali Kazemi Jahromi,
Postdoc 2018-19, Senior Optical Engineer at VIAVI Solutions

Dr. Yan Liu,
Postdoc 2017-19, Research Associate at Indiana University Bloomington

Dr. Jaebum (Albert) Chung,
Caltech PhD 2019, Exploratory Optical Scientist at Apple

An Pan,
Visiting Grad Student 2018-19, Associate Professor at Xi'an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dr. Atsushi Shibukawa,
Postdoc 2015-2017, Associate Professor at Hokkaido University

Dr. Haojiang (Edward) Zhou,
Caltech PhD 2017, Display Development Architect at Apple

Dr. Shin Usuki,
Visiting Associate 2015-2016, Associate Professor at Shizuoka University

Dr. Roarke Horstmeyer,
Caltech PhD 2016, Assistant Professor at Duke University

Dr. Yonghwi Kim,
Caltech PhD 2021, Postdoc at NTT Research

Dr. Benjamin Judkewitz,
Postdoc 2010-14, Professor at Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Dr. Guoan Zheng,
Caltech PhD 2013, Associate Professor at the University of Connecticut

Dr. Shuo (Sean) Pang,
Caltech PhD 2013, Assistant Professor at the University of Central Florida

Dr. Lap Man Lee,
Caltech PhD 2012, Senior Research Engineer at CFD Research Corporation

Dr. Kiyoul Yang,
Caltech PhD 2017, Assistant Professor at Harvard University

Sebastian Bürgel,
Visiting Grad Student 2010, Founder of HOPR and Co-Founder of RPCh

Dr. Emily McDowell,
Caltech PhD 2009, Research & Development Manager at the Instrumentation Laboratory at Werfen

Dr. Zahid Yaqoob,
Postdoc 2004-2007, Research Scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Matthew Lew,
Undergraduate Researcher 2008, Associate Professor at the Washington University in St. Louis