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We develop novel technologies at the interface of optics and biomedicine.

The major effort of this laboratory can be roughly divided into the following categories:

Fourier Ptychography

Wavefront Shaping

Speckle Visibility Spectroscopy

Non-line-of-sight Imaging

AI for Embryo

Other Research Projects

Fourier Ptychography

The standard microscope is a time tested and vital piece of equipment in a life science lab. Yet, its performance has undergone only gradual improvements over time. This is because physical optical lenses are intrinsically imperfect. Building better microscopes has traditionally focused on using ever more complicated optical element arrangements to minimize aberrations. Fourier Ptychography is a computational microscopy method that shifts the challenge of addressing aberrations from the physical world to the computational realm where aberrations become readily solvable mathematical problems. In the process, we enable a standard microscope to push past its physical optical limitations to provide digital refocusing, improved spatial-bandwidth product and phase imaging capabilities.